Nikita Dragun Drags Asian Da Brat While Promoting New Single, Says ‘Trans Women Are The Future’

Nikita Dragun

Nobody’s safe!

Nikita Dragun is coming for everybody’s head.

And it’s all to promote her new single, “Dick.”

First, let’s start out by showing you the preview of the video, which you can check out below.

So, here’s what happened between the two, in a nutshell. Apparently, Asian Da Brat (Asian Doll) made a slick comment about Nikita Dragun. Dragun replied by telling her that she was wearing something she already wore before. This, apparently, got Asian in her feelings, and she blocked Nikita Dragun.

This prompted Dragun to go on a posting spree, where she shared comments from her fans, before concluding with “trans women are the future.”

If nothing else, that comment is going to drag (no pun intended) out the usual homophobic suspects. I’m quite confident that Boosie is already drafting up a remark, much to the chagrin of his long-suffering publicist.

But on another note, I don’t know why y’all can’t live and let live. What does other folks’ private business have to do with you? We’ve certainly tolerated enough misogyny in hip-hop (and other genres, for that matter) for long enough. No one had anything to say when women were being referred to as “b######” and “hoes,” getting disrespected, and getting killed. Future can commit reproductive abuse and he’s quoted in Instagram memes like he’s the g#ddamn Pope.

But let a trans woman say that trans women are the future — let that woman lift other women up — and watch the most otherwise ignorant of men turn into Dr. Umar Johnson with a sprinkle of Minister Farrakhan for good measure. I simply cannot.

Anyway, hit the slideshow below. And download Nikita Dragun’s “Dick.”