Nipsey’s Brother Reportedly Made The Game Remove Vocals Due To Wack100

Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle was supposed to be on The Game’s new album but the powers that be stopped it because of Wack100.

The rapper Nipsey The Great is still ringing bells in 2022! I still cannot believe cuz is no longer with us! We love you, bro! And his brother Blacc Sam is going to do whatever it takes to protect his brother’s legacy. Now, if you are Wack100, you want Blacc Sam to go along because The Game showed Nip a lot of love in life and death.

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BUT…things do not go how we want them to go. We, the fans, are caught in the middle. The things that Wack100 has said in the past are coming back to haunt The Game. DRILLMATIC has shaken up the world and given us all a little bit of something to talk about. We were all looking to hear Nipsey Hussle “World Tours.” Sadly, that did not happen.

Nipsey’s brother Blacc Sam reportedly nixed the collab, because of Wack100’s past of saying too much about Neighborhood Nip in the past. Bro, Sam pulled that verse in under 2 hours before the album dropped last Friday. “I got an email from my attorney, at about 7:30, an hour and a half before it dropped. Nipsey’s brother put in a demand for it to be pulled,” Wack revealed Clubhouse. He said Sam was selfish with how he was moving with his brother.

“These n***as be in their feelings. You notice you got Meek Mill and a bunch of people over there Wack really don’t see eye to eye with… Whoever [The Game] work with, he work with. His s### ain’t my s###. The Game done drove around L.A., he’s been the biggest Nipsey supporter ever,” he continued.

I think you are who you run with and The Game may be collateral damage.

Check out the whole thing below. Nevertheless, I would love to hear more Nipsey. Period.