NLE Choppa Gets Called N-Word In Israel

NLE Choppa

NLE Choppa was stunned with a man seemed to call him the N-Word while in Israel. Check the video and see if he did the right thing!

NLE Choppa is one of the biggest rap stars in the world. I remember like yesterday when he was with AllHipHip in New York City, doing a day in the life. Today, he is a world traveler and a highly evolved young man.

But, somethings never change. When he was in Israel, a man reportedly called him the N-word. It was so brazen, they didn’t know what to do. But, did the men mean harm or malice? I am not sure. Check this out.

This is not the time to blame rap music, but let’s talk about it Hip-Hop and rap music has popularized this word so much that I believe people will know used for completely different reasons than the racist, offensive term of old. It’s almost like a dialect thing. What do you think?

On another note, the trip to Israel was kind of crazy. NLE Choppa and his crew were mobbed in their van, to the point where it seemed like it might turn violent. Choppa even had to threaten to do something to them. But, we know he wasn’t going to do anything because nobody wants to get that Brittney Griner treatment overseas. That’s a different type of lockdown.

Anyway, there’s another component to this that I’m interested in. NLE Choppa is in Israel, and a lot of people have problems with that. Billie Eilish was almost completely canceled for touring Israel, or the suggestion itself. So, I am just interested in knowing what the next level might be for this rapper. There’s no controversy, so that means he hasn’t reached the level where people care enough to boycott.


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