NLE Choppa Gets In Scuffle At Airport! Allegedly!

NLE Choppa

NBA YoungBoy has a fan so hyped up that he allegedly attacked NLE Choppa in an airport and then taped it.

NLE Choppa is one of the most interesting characters in a long time, but that also attracts another element. Clout chasers! So, it seems like NLE Choppa was in a random airport somewhere and was minding his own business. Suddenly some dude steps up to him.

He repeatedly asks him who he was! He knows who he is! I guess he did not want to accidentally assault the wrong person on camera. Once he realized what was happening, it seems like he attacked NLE Choppa. There was a huge scuffle and then he hops on camera taking credit for an illegl assault!

Look at it!

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On top of that, the dude tagged NLE Choppa! What is in the Kool Aid yall drinking?

So, the rumor is this dude is a follower of NBA Youngboy and decided to physically attack a rap artist at the airport. Wild!

NLE Choppa and NBA YoungBoy used to have a business relationship that did not workout, apparently. Now, they don’t talk. Wow. And on top of that, he does not like being compared to him. I guess this rando decided to put hands on him for the clout!

What do you all think of this?