NLE Choppa Might’ve Been Trying To Talk Polo G Out Of Retirement For A While Now

NLE Choppa isn’t gonna let Polo G off the hook that easily!

If it’s up to NLE Choppa, Polo G will be making record-breaking runs into his 50s, much like Nas, rather than ending his rap career early.

It appears the Cottonwood 2 rapper has been planting seeds of longevity in his fellow Hall Of Fame rap peer’s head for quite some time now—like even before Polo G began flirting with the idea of early retirement. For anyone who may have missed the bus on Polo G’s moment contemplating hanging up the mic, he tweeted earlier this month to his fans the news by hinting his upcoming HOOD POET album may be his last.

“Honestly, after my HOOD POET album I’m considering retiring from music,” Polo G posted on Friday (August 18). So I appreciate everybody ridin for me 10 fold.”

The Columbia recording artist later added, “This rap s### got so lame and watered down it ain’t no fun in it no more.” While Polo G is just 24 years of age, NLE Choppa isn’t even 21 yet, and they have both already been in the industry for nearly five years.

“The pair also share a unique bond and friendship that has extended over to the creative side of things where they have managed to craft several bangers over the years. I’d offer their 2022 banger “Unapologetic” as evidence of their dynamic collaborative chemistry—which has amassed well over five million YouTube views.

Burnout is definitely a real thing that we all face, especially within in fast-paced, high-context and demanding career pathways that lie within the entertainment industry. Nevertheless, NLE Choppa is convinced Polo G has what it takes to persevere and dominate and recently spoke about how he’s constantly hyping his friend and collaborator up to release music.

“I feel like with me and Polo G I’m like the little big brother sometimes,” NLE Choppa said in part. “You know, I even be texting him like, ‘Yo drop something,’ I’m always encouraging bro to keep going.”

NLE Choppa seemingly addressing Polo G’s frustration with the music industry in the same breath, saying, “I’m always being an encouraging light and always checking on him as well—checking on his mental health and whatnot. So yeah, I feel like he’s one of my peers in the rap industry where I can say like, you know, ‘that’s my guy.'”

While it’s hard to tell whether his words are hitting home, it’s obvious NLE Choppa is one of the countless individuals who would hate to see Polo G throw away his music career while he’s essentially in his prime.

Check out the full clip below.

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