No AubRih? Drake’s Dad Claims Drake & Rihanna Are Just Friends


Uh oh! AubRih fans, your favorite couple actually may not be a couple at all according to Drake’s dad!

According to Dennis Graham, nothing has changed between his son Drake and bad gal Rihanna. He maintains that they are still just great friends.

Dennis seems to like to joke and be in the limelight a little, so he may just be trolling to add to the hype and attention of the entire alleged relationship.

There seems to be a lot of evidence to refute Dennis’ claims, but in this generation who knows; the two could just be “talking” or messing around.

TMZ caught up with Graham, and he had a pretty good sense of humor about Drake and RiRi’s matching shark tattoos.

Do you think Dennis is out of the loop and AubRih are really together?