No, Beyoncé Does Not Stockpile Toilet Seats For Herself While On The Renaissance Tour


Get your mind out of the toilet bowl!

Y’all really got Beyoncé mom, Miss Tina Knowles-Lawson, out here debunking personal toilet seat rumors on her daughter’s behalf.

Though this is the first time the Queen Bey’s toilet seat rumor has been addressed, the gossip regarding the matter has been running rampant since last month. Apparently, a Renaissance Tour insider ran their mouth off saying that because Beyoncé is such an “elite performer” she can get “anything she asks for,” including her own personal toilet seat. Said insider was bogus af, according to the Knowles family matriarch.

And not only did she address the seat tea, but Knowles-Lawson also scoffed at the notion her daughter is a high-maintenance monster while she spoke to paparazzi at LAX. Even though her comments were brief and drenched in a lethal amount of death glares and cyanide side-eye rolls, Knowles-Lawson quickly debunked the viral photos circulating of a massive black box of gear labeled “Beyoncé toilet seats” backstage at The Renaissance Tour.

“That is so ridiculous,” the mom of two told TMZ Monday (August 14). “Those are stands that you put fans on, they’re called toilet seats. That’s too much.”

Watch the full clip below.