No Plug Brags About Killing Childhood Friend Bankroll Fresh


For a few months fans have wondered what exactly happened with the murder of rapper Bankroll Fresh. Fresh was shot and killed in front of 2 Chainz’s Street Execs studio in March.

Various rumors swirled around his death, and several names were attached to the altercation. Bankroll’s former friend No Plug’s name was attached to the situation, but details of his involvement were unclear.

No Plug recently sat down with DJ Vlad and revealed that a female friend of Bankroll’s told him that No Plug was at Street Execs, and Fresh came to the studio immediately to confront him about letting people kick him out of the 9th Ward. No Plug says he kept trying to diffuse the situation but Bankroll Fresh wasn’t trying to hear it.

Plug says he walked out the studio but had to return because he realized he dropped his cell phones. According to No Plug, when he pulled back up to the studio Bankroll Fresh came outside with about 15 people.

They started shooting, Plug and his side shot back and Fresh ended up getting shot. No Plug says he called his lawyer and his name was cleared in the name of self defense because the altercation was caught on camera, and because Bankroll Fresh started the altercation.

Plug basically says their relationship went sour because Bankroll was jealous of him. No Plug believes that if him and Bankroll Fresh could’ve gotten past the situation everything could’ve gone back to normal because they’d known each other for so long. What are your thoughts?