Non Hip-Hop Rumors: Da Brat Gets A Makeover?!?!

DA BRAT GETS A MAKEOVER?!?! received some exclusive pictures of Da Brat getting a makeover by famed celebrity stylist, June Ambrose. Here are some exclusive pictures of Ambrose’s new VH1 show, called “Styled By June”, where Da Brat learns how to walk in high heels and more.

Though she’s not yet been fully “Styled by June,” rapper Da Brat took the first steps towards a new, more glammed-up image yesterday, when she hit the streets with Ambrose. caught June out in the streets of New York teaching the Hip-Hop star a lesson in “Walking in Heels 101,” after picking up some challenging pumps from Guisseppe Zanotti on Madison Avenue.  Rumor has it, Ambrose is working with Da Brat on a total rebranding and will have her making appearances soon that will featuring the platinum-selling artist rocking an incredible new style. Stay tuned for more details on the show!