O.C. Says Nas Stood Him Up At The Studio One Time!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Why has it been a repetitive rumor that Nas used to stand up other rappers back in the day?!

Rapper O.C. sat down with Doggie Diamonds, where he revealed that he and Esco almost had a track together.

According to O.C., Nas was supposed to be on his album, but he never showed up to the studio. O.C. acknowledged that Nas had the whole city, and the whole world at his attention at that time, and it would’ve made a big impact for Nas to be featured on the project.

He felt that Nas was the Hip Hop savior at that time, but he left him hanging. Had Nas showed up, O.C. believes that the record would’ve banged out as well as the album that the collab was supposed to be on.

O.C. also stated that Nas was notorious for standing cats up back then though, and if it weren’t for MC Serch, there would be no Nas, despite the fact that Serch doesn’t get the credit for Nas that he deserves.

It’s cool to see that O.C. isn’t making a big deal out of it, but it also makes you wonder what other potential collaborations in Hip Hop almost happened. What are your thoughts?