Oschino Accuses Beanie Sigel Of Stealing Everyone’s Bread!


The State Property crew seems to be going at it again. Beanie Sigel and Oschino have been at odds over money amounts that each crew member is supposed to be paid. Beanie Siegel posted an Instagram photo of himself, Freeway and Young Gunz along with former NBA player Rasheed Wallace with the caption, “The prop.” Oschino decided to repost the same photo with the caption “WITH THESE KIND OF FRIENDS YOU DONT NEED ENEMIES LOL.” Sigel clapped back by saying,

“Wow hov said jealously is a female trait, I ain’t gay I ain’t into liking dudes no way.”

Oschino decided to let fans know what really went down between all of them as he accused Beanie of taking everyone’s money.

“What about the bag he stole in Atlantic city?? I had to chase the promoter down to get @phillyfreeway @neef_buck @peedicrakk1 @therealomilliosparks @chris cause beans took the bread that was for everybody I made Bull pay twice!!! Ask freeway Chris and neef Sparks peedi any of em. Bull gave beans the money for everybody and he pocket it i would NEVER do that to my youngins NEVER EVER!!!! I AINT MAKING THIS UP JUST STATING FACTS THEN AFTER THE SHOW WAS OVER @djamir was looking for beans cause he ain’t pay him either.”

Dang! Well a State Property reunion probably won’t include all of the members anytime soon.