Papoose And Remy Are About To Go Ham On Nicki Minaj..Drake And Wayne!


(AllHipHop Rumors) You know this is about to get very, very messy. It seems like Remy Ma and Papoose (The Beast From The East) are going to do a lyrical drive by on Nicki Minaj that will try to take out Drake and Wayne too! Whoa. And they are seemingly calling them all Culture Vultures. Now, is Nicki that? Wayne? Drake? I don’t know, but it appears they are going to take that position.

I have not heard the three new Nicki songs, but they are not getting a great response from the Hip-Hop community. I hope the songs are good, but it seems that they lack that special sauce when it comes to rapping and battling. That’s me being nice.

Lets see what these two Black Lovers have to say. Pap has been itching to get in this from day one, allegedly. Clearly, these guys have a way of dealing with rap beef and Young Money has another way. So…the plot thickens.

Can Remy and Pap win this? Or have they already won? What are we doing? This is weird!

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