Do The Parisian Po-Pop Want Kanye West?

Kanye West Ain’t Do Kim Like That!

UH OH! Police want to talk to Kanye West. They have insinuated that the robbery involving his wife Kim Kardashian maybe an “inside job.” The police have stated that somebody may have told about Kim Kardashian’s wearabouts before she was robbed and assaulted in Paris. Kanye West was nowhere near the incident, as he was performing in New York. However, he was still commanded by Parisian authorities to come in for questioning. Kanye has not been cited as a suspect, even if he is wanted for questioning. Police sources say Kanye has not been cooperative, even though these claims have not been verified by Kardashian was relieved of $11 million in jewelry, according to reports.

Spectators and experts have suggested that the robbery was an insurance scam or publicity stunt.

The West’s have not been acting like the robbery was a scam. They have been huddled up in their home until today, where they came out.

I think she got robbed legit.