Peep What The Conspiracy Theorists Think About Prodigy & Tupac!


(AllHipHop Rumors) A large amount of the conspiracy theorists are annoying, wrong, and reaching usually.

It’s so draining seeing some of them on the timeline day-to-day. LOL.

Anyway, there are some folks who think that it’s ironic that Mobb Deep’s Prodigy died during the same time frame of the release of Tupac’s biopic.

There has been a post floating round from a page called I Love Hip-Hop.

“#Tupac dissed #Prodigy in “Hit Em Up’ and made fun of his sickle cell. Prodigy dies from Sickle Cell complications during THE SAME WEEK the Tupac movie comes out. He also dies in the SAME CITY that Tupac was murdered in. Coincidence or no?” posted the page.

Hmmmmm do those details make it seem eerie, or is it a case of theorists doing the most and reaching again? What are your thoughts?

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