Peep Why Drake & The Dream Haven’t Collaborated Since “Shut It Down”


(AllHipHop Rumors) If you were hoping for another Drake collaboration with The Dream, it may not be happening.

In 2010, The Dream collaborated with Drake on “Shut It Down” on his ‘Thank Me Later’ album. As seven years have passed with no follow-up collaborations, fans have wondered why haven’t the two gotten in the studio together. During an installment of Genius Level, The Dream finally revealed all!

“Shout out to Drake and what he’s done with his career. I’m just a real student of how these things go. I remember when Drake was putting this record together.I was getting calls, after calls, after calls. I said I’ma do the record, soon as I get to a place Ima do it. I’m on tour. Drake called like yo like this is how I want it to sound. I’m like Drake I’m going to do this record how I’m gonna do it. I’m going to give it back to you the same way you sent it with your verse….The record came out great, you know I think…. I think when the next album came along since, somebody wants to know why we never worked again, I asked him to get on a record, and he never got on the record. I’m only going to ask you once especially if I’ve already done something for you. So that went through his people directly to him, and whatever that thing was, then that was it. So that’s the end of the Drake & Dream era of a record,” said The Dream.

What are your thoughts? What Drizzy wrong for not returning the favor in a timely fashion, or heck at all? Would you like to hear a new collaboration with Drake & The Dream in 2017?

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