Peep Which Rapper Illegally Downloaded Jay Z’s ‘4:44’ Album


(AllHipHop Rumors) Uncle Snoop is hilarious!

While almost everyone has had a chance to listen to Jay-Z’s ‘4:44’ album, some have obtained it via alternative methods.

One artist in particular that has admitted to obtaining a bootleg version of the project is our dear Uncle Snoop Dogg. Hilarious!

“I want to shoot a shout out to JAY-Z. Just dropped another motherf-ckin’ hot album, 4:44. But you know what? I don’t got TIDAL, so a n-gga had to bootleg it to me. I’m on iTunes and sh-t, cuz. I don’t understand that. Y’all gotta explain that to me. I went to iTunes looking for his album and I couldn’t find it. But my homie sent it to me.

Shoutout to JAY-Z, my n-gga, he did it again. I ain’t no hater. I love the game for what it’s worth, the young n-ggas and the old n-ggas. Practice that. Practice showing love. Practice supporting other muthaf-ckas other than yourself. Yeah, do that,” said Snoop.

Even though Snoop “illegally” obtained a copy, at least he used his voice, platform, and celebrity to encourage others to go out and support Hov’s latest project.

Snoop is hilarious! Y’all have got to teach Hip Hop’s famous uncle how to use Tidal, Apple Music etc.

How are you feeling about Jay’s now platinum album?

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