Peep What Tiny & Her Best Friend Think Of Trap Music “Creator” T.I.’s Marriage “Distraction” Comments


(AllHipHop Rumors) The fall out following T.I. and Tiny’s previous [pending] divorce announcement keeps getting worse and worse.

Many now feel that T.I. basically friend zoned the heck out of Tiny during a recent interview with Angie Martinez. Tip referred to his marriage as a distraction, and stated that he’s a better best friend than a husband.


Now remember Tiny and T.I.’s current side chick, Bernice Burgos, have already been trading all kinds of shots on Instagram! Bernice even took it so far to record a snap singing along to Tiny’s group Xscape’s music, and offering her the fade. Tiny told Bernice that while she was being petty, the man she spoke of [T.I.] was actually laying up with his wife.

90s fans couldn’t help but to hear Mokensteff’s “He’s Mine” while reading Tiny’s clap back. LOL!

Anyway Tiny has appeared to be slightly unbothered while all of this has been going down, but as you know, her best friends are some true riders, and one in particular, Sabrina, always gets in T.I.’s azz.

Sabrina took to Instagram to send a note to herself with Tip’s downfalls as her inspiration.

“Dear Self, Don’t give a man your good years, become a felon for him, let go of friends, give up your career to support his, don’t be too loyal because one day he might get to where y’all worked to hard to be and consider you a “DISTRACTION”. Love Always, Me,” said Sabrina.

I ain’t gon’ lie, seeing Tip call his marriage a distraction seemed crazy with Tiny holding him down all of this time.

Oh yeah, T.I. has also taken credit for “creating” trap music. T.I. says there was no such thing as trap music before him, and all we had was OutKast, Organized Noize and crunk music.

While speaking on his upcoming album, T.I. said he wanted to bring back the sound of his early days when he released his 2003 album ‘Trap Muzik’.

“We’re just gonna make sure we give everybody the best Tip album we can give them. I’m going for Trap Muzik on this, ’cause a lot of people don’t really know that I created trap music, like I got that old,” said T.I.

What are your thoughts?

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