Are People Going To Die Over Chief Keef’s Arrest?


(AllHipHop Rumors)
Chief Keef got knocked over some mess around a HOME INVASION! You know, this honor among thieves thing is certainly running its course. Well, somebody called the cops after the Keef Krew ran up in his spot.

Ramsay Tha Great wasn’t in accordance with the G-Code…or was he? In a video, he explains how he feels. He said THE PEOPLE are wrong for calling him out. He says YOU need to be mad at Keef and them for running up and busting him in the head with an AK-47! Watch below.

He apparently has flashed some guns, but ain’t no gangsta. Ramsey said: “It’s real sad to see my Black community condone home invasion, armed robbery with a deadly assault, hitting me in the face with a AK-47. It’s crazy y’all condone that. And now that he’s locked up cause he chose to make that stupid decision to come to my house and do that, I’m the bad guy for putting him in jail?”

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Young Chop, Keef’s homie, was not pleased either.

“That nia is a b#### ass nia, and whoever ride wit him, youse a b#### ass nia too, because evidently he did some fool to get his a$$ beat up like that. You feel me? Cause ain’t nobody finna beat ya a$$ like that for no motherfking reason. It’s a reason behind every motherf**king thing, why you get yo a$$ whooped like that.”

I am not sure lil homie should be running around defending his position. I think he needs to get out of dodge and get into an undisclosed place for a bit. Stay safe, brother.