People Want Gillie And Wallo To Say Something About Barstool Boss Dissing LSU’s Star Hooper

Wallo & Gillie

Wallo & Gillie got something to say about the boss of Barstool Sports calling a young Black basketball start a “classless piece of s##t.”

Ever been paid so much money, that you started crying? I have not. I would imagine if somebody did give you that sort of life-changing amount of money, you would have some hesitation expression open disagreement with him or her.

Well, that is exactly what people want from Gillie & Wallo…and guess what? THEY DID.

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Here’s what the “boss” said. He called a young college student a “classless piece of sh#t.”

How could he say such a thing about a young person? Well? I think you and I know how and why. The white girl did it and it was all good, no controversy. Well, I am really proud of Wallo and Gillie! They said what they said! We need more of this! I am not sure Dave isn’t a racist though and its time to call it out. Yeah, Dave is the POS, I would imagine. He didn’t have the same sentiment with Caitlin Clark.

As for Angel Reese and the the fine queens of LSU…y’all did your thing!

As for Caitlin…don’t start none, won’t be none!

By the way, we interviewed the MC of the team a few years ago! Salute Flau’jae!

Here she is today.

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