SIGNS: Fights And Killings Over Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Continue!

Illseed may just have to go and have him some Popeyes now that it is driving people crazy!

(AllHipHop Rumors) People and Popeyes. I am proud to say I have not had this famous and potentially deadly chicken sandwich. I am not sure what is in this sandwich, but I am starting to think it is crack cocaine. Why? There have been fights in every form imaginable to the point where people are fighting each other as if this were some exquisite cuisine. 

Look at this video? A woman filmed a couple fighting each other. Now the pair were waiting in line for over one hour and they were getting frustrated. And Popeyes is to blame here too because they messed up a man’s order and he refused to get out of line. Well, this upset the second pair of people. AND ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE! The good part of this mess is that the woman that taped the mess also offered some very colorful commentary as well. Check it:

One man has been arrested for it too. He decided to stab somebody DEAD over it. I might just go get me some crack!  

Here is another video of Popeyes workers fighting each other! Now, I don’t think they are fighting over the sandwiches, but they may be eating it on the side or something. 

Here is a report on WHY Popeyes food is so addictive.

I am certain…there is something weird going on with this food! What? I don’t know. Nevertheless, here is one more fight video. Actually, this is less of a fight and more of a one-sided bully move. we have seen several instances of white people using the N-Word and paying the consequences. But this here is crazy! This 55-year old white-haired white woman calls the Popeyes worker a n#gger and decides “oops…its time to go now.” He catches her in the parking lot, picks her frail a## up and slams her down on the hard concrete! He didn’t hold back…he literally slammed her like Hulk Hogan of Stone Cold Steve Austin. He broke bones in her body!