People Want To Know What Nelly’s On?

A video of Nelly goes viral because he appears to be “cooked,” whatever that means. Check out and and let us know what you think.

I got no issue with Nelly, but I definitely want to know what he’s “on,” because he gave some very interesting looks at a recent concert in Australia.

Hip-Hop heads were blessed to have Juicy Fest with an all-star lineup of legends that spanned across Australia and New Zealand. They were in places I never even heard of like Auckland, Napier, Tauranga, Palmerston North and Whangārei. At any rate, the festival featured Nelly, Ne-Yo, Ja Rule, Bow Wow, Xzibit, Chingy, Pretty Ricky, Mya and even Twista. No Ashanti? That’s crazy.

So, everything reportedly went off without a hitch, but a bunch of people caught Nelly on video. In the video, seen below, was really…saucy. I do not know the proper word, but I saw the word “cooked” used over and over in viral videos saw. So what was doing on here?

Honestly, I can’t call it. But I can salute him for being relevant until this day.