Philly Is Next To Hit Rappers With The RICO

South Beach Crime Scene

Apparently, Philly’s DA is next to start hitting rap crews with the Rico.

I am not feeling this trend, but I am also not feeling all that is going in in Hip-Hop. Nevertheless, the Young Thug and Gunna RICO stuff is spreading to Philly. The DA name checked several rap collectives that they are going to target. I would think they would arrest them first, but they are telling first.

Philly is crazier than all other cites with the violence, believe it or not.

The district attorney of Philadelphia said he’s about to hit up Zoo Gang, YBC, 0-4, PNB and others because of the 1,400+ shootings in the city this year along. There have been 400 deaths in the area too, which is causing the clamp down.

I never heard of the guys they are targeting, but they are all very young looking. This ain’t the AR-AB set. These are new dudes!

Meek Mill Signs With WME Talent Agency

You may remember Zoo Gang reportedly “banned” Meek Mill from Philly after Meek called for peace. They tried to press him in a way that would cause for him to claim “Zoo” as his set. Meek had evolved past that and was seeking to stave off more death. Welp! We know all this death and chaos is not sustainable. IT WILL have to end at a point and when the cops and the feds say it’s over, it’s OVER.