Pooh Shiesty Allegedly Appears In A New Jailhouse Picture

Is it him?

Since last July, Lontrell Williams has been incarcerated. Although, he has been off the scene, the Memphis musician is still asserting his presence. Moreover, today (March 7), Pooh Shiesty allegedly appears in a new jailhouse picture.

Regardless of any “snitching” allegations, The Shiester, seems to be maintaining his peace. In the purported photo, the man resembling Pooh Shiesty stands between two other men. And now, a noticeable beard accentuates his jaw.

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According to DJ Akademiks, the snapshot is in fact, a “new pic of Pooh Shiesty.” If so, he seems to be exuding a calm demeanor. Back in January, for his involvement in a federal firearms case, he accepted a plea deal.

Rather, than taking it to trial, Slim Lil Dude took some control of his fate. So, this prevents him from being wiped out. The previous charges that The Shiester was facing carried up to a Life sentence.

As a matter of fact, next month the platinum-penned artist will learn the exact length of his prison sentence. Often, God interrupts. Through this circumstance, hopefully he is fortifying his faith and his future plans.


Creativity can not be caged. However, loneliness is real. To stay connected to Pooh Shiesty go ahead and reach out.