Pooh Shiesty Sends Message From Prison

Pooh Shiesty

Pooh Shiesty has something to share with his loyal followers.

Pooh Shiesty is the talk of the timeline and he knows it. First of all, he shows off his new look, which some have said looks “Muslim.” I think it looks more like thoughtful. I would imagine all that time, he’s thinking a lot.

It definitely does not look like somebody in the bing. He looks more like he is going to class. He has also spoken out, in addition to posting pictures. “The police don’t stop watching just cause you in jail and you can got to jail inside of jail.” Basically, he is saying that things can get worse even in jail.

“Just let that sink in y’all small ass unconscious head.” and “They done wait till I’m dead to start listening to what I be saying.” I do not exactly know what he is saying. I think I know he’s saying, but tell me what you think. As you know , the 22-year-old rapper was indicted in June of last year on four counts rooted in an October 2020 in Florida.