Posse Panda! Every G.O.O.D. Music Member To Appear On Desiigner’s Remix

Panda! Panda! G.O.O.D. Music Convenes!


YO! They are really going hard with this ONE SONG! But, since the whole world has done something to this beat, why not the label that put it out!? That’s the word. Apparently, Kanye West has revealed that there is a 15-minute posse cut (remember those?) Could it be possible that this is a response to the recent disses from Future’s people? I certainly don’t think so. That would be very messy from the top to the bottom, meaning Kanye and Future.

If you want to drive somebody insane: lock them in a room and play 10-HOUR Loop of “Panda” for your enemy!

Do you think this is cool or just some BS extending Desiinger’s 15-minutes!?