Pusha-T Almost Knocks Out Wale – LOL!

You can’t just run up on Pusha-T!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Push-T is one of the realest dudes in the game, but now that he’s married and out of his major battle, you think he’s softening up? NAH! It looked like a strange person was running up on him from backstage and the Virginia rapper immediately squared up to fight! But it was Wale. 

Some instincts don’t die! As you can see, the moment he realized it was his brother and not a deranged fan, he hugged it up with Wale. This is what’s up, because it would be a shame if he knocked his homie out. 

In related news, Wale just released a new album, “Wow…That’s Crazy.” I didn’t even realize it dropped! I am listening to it as I type this and it sounds good. Glad to hear he’s doing well. 

On the Pusha-T front, we know that some of Kanye West’s music has leaked out and King Push was not happy about it. He made some threats on social media. I think he wants to do to the leakers what he almost did to Wale!

“All the leaks is cute. I don’t care for real ’cause once music is old to me, it doesn’t matter…but I promise you this, if I find out who is leaking it, I will make a decent example out of you…and no one can stop it, no Kanye, nobody! Just cause you think you can play with me,” he wrote.