Quentin Miller Goes Off Amid Nas Ghostwriting Rumors


Quentin Miller is hating the rumors of him ghostwriting for Nas! He went ballistic over the rumors and explained how he worked with the legend!

Quentin Miller is a good dude. I can feel it in my heart of hearts. Those pesky Drake rumors are now dogging him to the fullest, but Nas is a different animal. Nas is our crowned King of lyricism! We are not going to accept any Nas slander at all. This slander has not come from Quentin or Nas, but more like the haters. Or fans of Jay-Z. Regardless, it has gotten under Miller’s skin! And he went off on IG today (Tuesday). He didn’t exactly go ballistic as reported. But he did let himself be free in his expression!

First of all…he “worked with Nas.” So that does not mean he wrote for Nas or ghostwrote for Nas! Whatever he did, it was enough to earn him a credit on the song. I do not think he got paid, but he probably will benefit from the publishing with such a big name. He basically said he bounced some ideas back and forth.

By the way he alluded to writing for others. But this is a different day and age. The old days of rappers writing ever letter, word and line of every song is about dead. Some are still down with those old rules, but the top tier artists are not.

QM went off, because he does not want to be a “ghost.” Check out the rant below.


And here’s the song!