Questlove Continues To Prove He’s Ready For Late-Night TV In “Quest for Craft” Season 3

Questlove can literally do anything!

If it were left up to Questlove to make late-night television great again, I’m pretty confident he could easily conquer the task. Why, might one ask?

Season three of his digital series Quest for Craft just dropped and it has, quite possibly, one of the most exhilaratingly diverse lineups of guest appearances that I have ever seen. The Webby-Award-Winning series, in partnership with The Balvenie craft Whisky, returns with four additional episodes covering the topics of joy, voice, connection and commitment with guests such as Anderson .Paak, Yo-Yo Ma, Lena Waithe, and Fred Armisen.

While it’s obvious that Quest has some experience in the talk show, live studio audience department of entertainment given his tenure on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. But there is something inherently different and refreshing about Questlove’s approach to conversing with guests of his own one-on-one.

Take, for instance, chapter nine of Quest for Craft featuring .Paak—during which the pair have a wholesome and spirited debate about who the better drummer is between the two of them. They way they are beaming on camera has me smiling from my desktop! Something tells me Questlove in a primetime slot could do wonders for network ratings at a big conglomerate such as NBC.

Check out the full episode of Questlove and Anderson .Paak’s conversation below.