R. Kelly’s Assistant Laughs About His Victims’ Fate On ‘Good Morning America’

R. Kelly

Disgusting. Put her in jail, too.

Diana Copeland, the longtime assistant of R Kelly who testified in his criminal trial earlier this week, is now working the talk show circuit.

Copeland sat down with Good Morning America host Michael Strahan to talk exclusively about her time working with the disgraced singer.

As she laughed about his victims having to show a certain “decorum” and not “roam around his house like it was a museum,” Copeland insisted that she never witnessed any of the abuse that R Kelly allegedly committed against underage girls.

Copeland then went into full groupie mode, squealing like a schoolgirl about working for the R&B singer who has been having inappropriate “relationships” with children since at least the 1990s.

“It was incredible,” Copeland told GMA about R Kelly. “I’m just a suburban girl from Michigan and so stepping into that world was like, incredible. You know, one day I’m hugging Whitney Houston and then the next day I might be on [the] set of Lady Gaga.”

Yes, girl, you’re definitely winning. No matter that these children are being held against their will (allegedly, of course, since unfortunately for all of us, R Kelly hasn’t been convicted yet), or that they’re subjected to untold amounts of sexual abuse. No, Diana, what matters is that you got to hug Lady Gaga. Tee hee!

People disgust me.