R. Kelly Has A New Buddy In Jail…The Brooklyn Subway Shooter!

R. Kelly

According to reports, R Kelly has a new buddy as he sits in jail. Reports say the singer is pals with the Brooklyn subway shooter!

R. Kelly has found a friend in prison, and his new buddy might just blow your mind. Reports now say the “I Believe I Can Fly” singer has gotten cool with Frank James, the Pennsylvania man that shot up the subway in Sunset Park, Brooklyn!

According to the Daily News, three sources have stated the two started their bromance after James was sent to the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center facility. 

As reported by AllHipHop.com, the Chicago singer is there waiting to be sentenced on his sex trafficking conviction. For years people joked about his attraction to underage girls and boys, but a 2021 case, prompted by Dream Hampton’s “Surviving R. Kelly” docuseries, confirmed many of the rumors with a guilty verdict.

His trial starts on April 12th, and Frank James, like R. Kelly, has pleaded not guilty.

“Both do get along. They actually sit together and eat together,” said one insider said. Another person shared, “They talk about TV shows. They go out to rec together. They’re buds.”

The two are together in the same facility because they are both considered “high risk,” a status that will keep them out of the general population.

The unit the two are in also houses government cooperators. But R. Kelly is not James’ roommate. He is actually nobody’s. He has his own room.

Hope Frank James is not getting legal advice from R. Kelly. The singer is gearing up for his Chicago trial later this year.