R. Kelly Is Hugh Hefner!


(AllHipHop Rumors) You know him, we all know him. R. Kelly, Robert Sylvester Kelly. He tells all of his girls to call him “Daddy” when in his presence. What I want to know is how does he find these young women. How does he approach them? Does he say, “Wanna go home with daddy & live in the big palace?” What?

Tabloids throughout the US & Canada are blasting the R&B singer and songwriter. 21-year-old Jocelyn Savage is one out of many of Kelly’s girls. Each girl is assigned to their own room and is told not to leave the room unless granted permission. Sounds familiar, right? We’ll touch on that later. But for now, let’s keep it moving! Kelly houses the girls at his Chicago home, The Trump Tower. Wherever Kelly goes, his girls go too, whether it’s on tour, shooting a video, they are there. Sources say he has a second home in suburban Atlanta where he houses additional young girls against their will. He allegedly even goes as far as to instruct them on what to wear, what to eat, ways to style their hair & even ways he desires to be pleasured sexually. He allegedly records his sexual acts with them and shares them with his male friends even! Damn, Kells..You freaky, my guy! When they do not follow his requests, he allegedly punishes them physically and even verbally.

Jocelyn recently released a video stating that she is okay and her parents need not to worry about her. When viewing the video, it is apparent that the 21-year-old seems a bit startled, as if she is being coached.

You make your own judgement. Watch the video below.

Jocelyn’s parents claim that she has a history of ADHD & is easily manipulated. ADHD?! Hell no. Stupid as hell? YES! This girl knew exactly what she was getting herself into when she first encountered R. Kelly. Let’s not act blind here. When R. Kelly first hit the scene in 1993, many believed he was a sexual demon, just looking to find his next victim. Here it is 20 plus years later, and nothing has changed. And it never will. He meets most of them at 18 & 19 years of age. Okay, and??! Most young girls claim to want to be grown so bad and so soon, and there it is, R. Kelly got your ass and now you can’t handle it!

Check this out, now it’s time for me to take you to school. Let me take ya’ll readers to school real quick.

One word: B###

Remember the movie, “Fifty Shades Of Grey”? Yeah, me too. It’s straight forward. B### is an overlapping abbreviation of bondage and discipline (BD), dominance and submission (DS), sadism and masochism (SM).

Alright! Still confused? Guess you’ll forever be. Watch the movie & get back to me!

What R. Kelly is doing is no different than what Hugh Hefner has been doing for decades. He houses beautiful women in his mansion and they wear lingerie, and he calls them his “bunnies”. Kelly houses women, and they must do whatever he says, grant his sexual fantasies and they are called his “babies”.

I rest my case. R. Kelly, I still have your music in some of my nasty playlists.


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