Rapper Claims He Didn’t Trespass On Rick Ross’ Property To Promote His Mixtape


When promoting your mixtape and stunting for social media goes wrong! A struggle aspiring rapper named J Luchiano took mixtape promo too far when he left his mixtape on Rick Ross’ doorstep two months ago. Sadly enough, he had been on the property before as he hopped Rozay’s fence to take pictures of himself on the grounds of Ross’ Atlanta estate. In dumbest criminals fashion, he posted the photos on his social media accounts. Rozay’s lawyers contacted Luchiano for what he thought would be the meeting to give him his big shot. He was actually busted by the police for trespassing, a bust planed by Ross’ security. It gets better; Luchiano maintains his innocence because he says he went up a path instead of jumping a fence to get on the property. C’mon man!