Rapper Claims He Wrote For AZ! HUH?


AZ has been a rap vet for a long time, but a rapper has made some sensational claims!

AZ is one of the most prolific rap artists ever! He is well known for rapping with Nas, Foxy Brown, The Firm and others. He is without question one of the dopest rappers in the New York and east coast region. But a disturbing new rumor has come forth by way of social media and a man now claims he was AZ’s ghostwriter. HUH?

I’ll be quite frank and honest I have never heard of the man known as Starkim Allah. But this man is claiming that he wrote for the Brooklyn don. AZ is without question a man of respect, but can this be true? Could it be true that somebody has written for him? I have to say that I find this hard to believe but they have done a lot of collaborations. Still, does this mean that he wrote for AZ? I think it could be a potential situation we are collaborations and help we’re given, but would that still be the equivalent of writing?

A CLOSER LOOK…he says he wrote the HOOK on this song that he highlights on IG. I am not sure if he has more than this, but he will need it.



I am thinking he was in the stu with big homie and lent him something and thought he should have been compensated. But why do it for free? If you are doing business, do business. If you give it away, you gave it away.

I am now about to listen to this man’s music a little bit and see if there’s any similarity to his style and AZ stuff.

Here are both men rapping in 2008:

This is clearly a bit more recently.