Rapper Kyyngg Believes He’s Better Than Young Thug!


(AllHipHop Rumors) WTH happened to Hip Hop.

I’m going to go ahead and say this; I can’t name one Kyyngg song. Young Thug may not be the best rapper, but it’s no denying that he’s cranked out some hits, and had a successful run, and is better than this cat.

Young Thug 2.0, rapper Kyyngg is in his feelings about people telling him that he stole his Hercules moniker from Thugger.

Kyyngg said yall are going to give him his credit today okay! He claims that he’s killing the game right now, and these other rappers aren’t f-cking with him when it comes to this music ish.

Kyyngg even went as far as saying he’s better than Young Thug. What’s really going on?

It’s funny that when Thugger decided to leave his “idol”, Lil Wayne, alone, is when Kyyngg picked up harassing Young Thug.

“And yall stop with that Hercules and Thugger sh-t. I been on that sh-t. Give me my f-cking credit people. No lie though. I’m better than him. It’s just like when Wayne was in his prime, and Thug was coming up. He was a little bit better at the newer music. The newer sh-t. The different sh-t.” said Kyyngg.

We have a 21-25 Savage, a Desiigner, a Kyyngg, and a Thug. LOL. What are these artists on? We see we have to drug test Mariah, Trey, and Kyyngg this week. LOL. Carry on.