Rapper Kyyngg Gets Exposed By Random Goon


(AllHipHop Rumors) Well it looks like rapper Kyyngg isn’t having the best of luck this week.

The Louisiana rapper got caught off guard in a video that was shot in a similar way to that that showed Soulja Boy pulling up to the hood in Compton and getting embarrassed.

Apparently Kyyngg thought it was all good with one of his fans or perhaps he knew the rapper Lil Marcuz, but either way, the encounter quickly turned almost violent after Lil Marcuz began to threaten Kyyngg outside of Lenox Mall in Atlanta, G.A.

This situation is L’s all the way around. Kyyngg and his strange drug-addicted Thugger 2.0 ways are all L’s, and the other dude seem to be posing as a fan before trying to sneak him. He definitely has to take an L for that as well.

Kyyngg has been getting clowned for running, but wouldn’t you run too? People definitely carry guns! Kyyngg did later try to act like he was down to square up with ol’ dude.

“You a b-tch n-gga f-ck you talking bout, f-ck you talking about, I’ll beat your a-s. B-tch a-s n-gga. I got my sh-t on me n-gga. Look at you running. Look at this b-tch a-s n-gga running. Get yo b-tch a-s on camera. We aint with that Twitter sh-t you soft a-s n-gga. Beat yo a-s boy. Throw it, I’ma rock yo ass. F-cks wrong with you. We ain’t with that Twitter sh-t here,” said Lil Marcuz.

Now I wonder what exactly Kyyngg said! Carry on. SMH.