Lil Wop Says He’s Transitioning To A Woman

Gucci Mane’s former artist Lil Wop is changing his gender, but fans just want him to get a better wig.

Rapper Lil Wop is making a major change in his life.

The former Gucci Mane artist has announced he is transitioning into becoming a transgender woman.

He took to social media to make the announcement, writing in an Instagram caption, “In The Transition Into Becoming A Full Transgender.”

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The Chicago rapper had already come out as bisexual to his fans.

In February, she posted on  I’m f##### a femboy on my OF go subscribe if you wanna see femboys need luv too.”

With his new reveal, fans have different responses.

One fan said, “Congrats dude. As long as you becoming your true self.”

“It must be so relieving to be able to come out like this and not give a f###. ALOTTA y’all need to take notes and give it up,” Lexx Brxx said.

Another person clapped, “Y’all b hating on here but still up in his comments just admit u think bruh cute n hard w the music.”
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A post shared by Princesssexx 👑💕🙄💅🏽 (@lilwop17_)

One person was unsure if Wop is really sincere.

“I can’t tell if you’re trolling now or serious,” one person asked.

Multiple fans seemed to not have a real opinion on the actual transition but begged him to do one thing: “Bby if you gon be Trans…. GET A BETTER WIG PLS.”

One even said he thought she looked good. The owner of OTFMZ, P Da Don, commented, “Damn 😩 I still woulda smashed with the yellow hair pics but now it’s going too far 😢.”