Rapper Reportedly Pays $20,000 For Dinner With Lil Boosie…But There’s More!


A rapper took a big risk and it may have paid off for him! $20K or a song with Lil Boosie?!

This is wild to me. And yet…not so much.

The rapper and Boosie interacted on Twitter. Boosie formulated the question to see who was “smart” and posed the question should someone pick “a dinner with him or $20,000?” I don’t know what the consensus was, but I am pretty sure a lot of people would just take the money. I definitely would!

However, one lone man decided he would choose the dinner over the money. In fact, it’s highly possible he paid. But that’s another story. As it played out on the Internet, he said “OMW, what’s for dinner” and that he is on the way! Boosie had his manager contact the man and then it was on!

After a few moments, they posted a picture of them sitting at a table. I don’t see much of a dinner going on there but they definitely had a computer and some hookah. And that is where the rumor goes next. 

And this is where the question comes, as to the worth of the sit down. It appears that the man is a rapper and he ended up doing a song with Boosie. Did he pay? Or did Boosie just bless him?

And now, the question is: was it worth it? I am not a rapper and so I am not going to place judgment on it! But I think it could be worth it for this guy. How else was he going to get a feature by one of the biggest names and Hip-Hop? He probably wasn’t! And it certainly would be more than $20,000!

Check this!

I guess it worked out! He got a song with Boosie!

Shout out to @Lon6z!