Ray-J Gets Ghetto At The BET Awards, But Its OK!

Ray-J kept it so hood at the BET Awards, but some people are still talking about his singing at the Verzuz.

Ain’t nothing wrong until there is something wrong. Ray-J has mastered the art of staying relevant! The “I Wish” singer decided to dominate the attention of a Verzuz that wasn’t even his. All the memes and outtakes were amazing. I still am not sure if he can sing, but I have to salute him for getting as much eye time as Omarion and Mario. Anyway, Joe Budden has Ray-J on speed dial and called him. He managed to get a hilarious moment and also apologized for his singing mishap. He essentially says all holding the baby and hoping around wasn’t in the plan.

Check it out.

On another note, Ray-J managed to get caught out there eating a cup of noodles at the BET Award. I am not sure why he didn’t fill up before the show, but he managed to get his grub on. Some people were critical of him for being “ghetto” and others simply chalked it up to the game of hunger.

Also, I watched Ray-J, Stacey Dash, Big Freeda, Dream Doll, India Love, Slim Thug, Nene Leaks and Lamar Odom on “College Hill” last night. For the record, I have not forgiven or forgotten you Ms. Dash. And you showed yourself last night.

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