Ray J’s Manager Tells Kanye West To Watch His F*cking Mouth!


Kanye West had to know he would p### off a few folks with his “Famous” music video. Kanye has a Master’s Degree in getting under people’s skin, so it’s to no one’s surprise that he p##### off Ray J and crew. TMZ caught up with Ray J and his manager Wack 100, and as usual Wack didn’t hold back. Wack said

“Did he show him with his wife’s d-ck in his mouth? If they didn’t show Ray J with his d-ck in Kim Kardashian’s mouth, tell Kanye to go back and reshoot that sh-t Tell that n**** he a long way from Chicago he better watch his motherf-cking mouth.”

Well… you know Wack 100 is about that life. We don’t want Wack to knock out Ye like he did Stitches. LOL.