Rebound! Is Nicki Minaj Using Nasty Nas To Get Back At Meek Mill


(AllHipHop Rumors) Word on the curb is that Nicki Minaj & Nas’ boo’d up status is all for show!!!

According to TheJasmineBrand, Nicki MiNAS’ publicity stunt of a relationship is more than just a stunt. It’s also allegedly a strategic scheme to make Meek Mill’s life a miserable hell.

“Nicki’s team is adamant in not allowing it to look like she took a loss in her beef with Remy Ma. She was really mad that her ex boyfriend (Safaree Samuels) went on Wendy Williams talking about their relationship. And she was even more livid when Rick Ross went on Wendy Williams talking about her relationship with Meek Mill. It just wasn’t a good look, but her team told her to act as if she was unbothered by it,” claims an insider.

The insider went on to say that Nicki’s team has encouraged her to keep in contact with Nas so it would be an ultimate win for her following the Remy Ma beef. Nicki has allegedly maintained that she’s not looking for a relationship right now, and apparently there haven’t really been any platonic sleepovers between Nicki and Nas either.

“She has never had a sleepover at his house. In fact, I think she was just humoring Ellen. You know to be tongue in cheek, but she has spent time with him. And no, they didn’t have sex, but they did do other things,” said the source.

Sources close to Nicki are basically claiming that Nas is Nicki’s pawn to not only get back at Remy Ma, but also to kill her ex Meek Mill’s self-esteem.

“Nas is her pawn to get back at Meek Mill. She wants people to think, ‘I upgraded and you [Meek] out here looking like you taking Ls now,” said the insider.

Nicki and Nas would probably never work. Nicki seems to crave attention, while Nas is extremely private and laid back. Poor Meeky. Nas is definitely an upgrade doe! What are your thoughts?

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