Redman Says He & Eminem Didn’t Outshine Each Other On “Off The Wall”


When you put two of the nicest emcees on a track there has to be some serious pressure in regards to the possibility of one emcee upstaging or bodying the other.

Redman recently sat down with DJ Vlad to explain that both him and Eminem both held their own when they collaborated for “Off The Wall” for the “Nutty Professor 2” soundtrack.

Redman explained that Em didn’t outshine him on the track because they both held it down with their unique respective styles.

Red also revealed that he flew out to see Em in Detroit so they could brainstorm ideas together for the track. He expressed that that was the way artists recorded during the golden era.

Although Eminem and Redman never recorded another collaboration, Redman is certain that if he called up Em right now, it could happen.

Do you believe they were equals on the track? Do we need an Em & Red 2016 collaboration?