Remy Ma Has Been Learning Sign Language To Respond To Foxy Brown


(AllHipHop Rumors) Remy Ma has NO CHILL!

While the female rapper says she has ended her beef with Nicki Minaj, she still had a little time to address Foxy Brown with a jab before rapping up.

Foxy jumped in the beef/battle because like fans, she also felt like Remy was rapping about her on the “ShETHER” diss track when Remy said,

“Talkin’ sh-t about me to a deaf b-tch. And usually I have sympathy for the impaired, But not when you hard of hearing from untreated gonorrhea.”

Like Remy’s second Nicki diss “Another One”, Foxy’s diss over Jay Z’s “Takeover” beat was regarded by many as trash.

Remy was recently asked by an interviewer during a Facebook Live interview for Buzzfeed’s Another Round podcast, if she had any words for Foxy, to which she replied by telling the audience that she had been practicing sign language. She then went on to sign “No comment,” to the crowd.

She kept a straight face, and tried to keep from laughing truly. This is the second shot Remy has taken at Foxy in regards to her previously losing her hearing for a few months! Do you think Foxy will respond?