Rhode Island Republican Cop Punches Black Woman Dem Opponent

Jennifer Rourke, Jeann Lugo

Democrat Jennifer Rourke was attacked by Jeann Lugo, a cop running for Senate.

This is why I do this section on AllHipHop called “Signs The World Is Coming To An End.” Have you noticed? It has been here for years, and it made me an animal. We have more proof.

Jennifer Rourke.

Jeann Lugo allegedly assaults state senate hopeful Jennifer Rourke

A rogue cop running for the U.S. Senate punched his Black female opponent in the face – two times. Jeann Lugo, a white male cop from Rhode Island on the Republican ticket, hit Democratic opponent Jennifer Rourke in the face. This all happened the other day, as she spoke at an abortion rally.

Lugo, a complete fool at this point, has deleted his Twitter. Like, does he think that is going do make it go away? He is currently under investigation, likely by his former friends in the police office. The crazy thing is that the act was caught on tape, like most things in this era.

Here’s the formal language, as well as the charges. “As the result of a joint investigation between the two agencies, a Providence Police Patrolman Jeann Lugo, age 35, was arrested on a State Police affidavit and arrest warrant on the charges of simple assault and disorderly conduct.”

In my opinion, this does not sounds simple. It sounds like a hate crime perpetrated by a lawless heathen with no self control.

Madam Rourke said, “I’m a reproductive rights organizer & State Senate candidate. Last night, after speaking at our Roe rally, my Republican opponent – a police officer – violently attacked me. This is what it is to be a Black woman running for office. I won’t give up.”

Shannon Watts on Twitter: "Jeann Lugo, a Rhode Island police officer and  Republican state senate candidate, punched his opponent last night during a  Roe rally. He hasn't been arrested, but is on
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She’s about to walk into the Senate now, because the brute Lugo has dropped out of the race due to his brazen assault. He also took down his websites. Hopefully, they decide to put him in the bing for assaulting this woman.

Providence police officer Jeann Lugo joins race for R.I. lieutenant  governor - The Boston Globe