Kim Kardashian May Move Away From Kanye West To Get Some Space

Rich people problems manifests itself in the flesh with Kim K and Kanye West.

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(AllHipHop Rumors) Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are rich beyond out wildest dreams. I know I am going to die broke and never have the opportunity to experience such opulence! I’ma die a solider! 

Anyway, these two have two massive home in both Los Angeles (area) and Wyoming, the ranch. Kim Kardashian has proclaimed that she needs some “space” and time away from her man. They have 4 kids together (I didn’t realize that had that many babies!) and I guess it is driving Kim a bit crazy. I am hearing from mainstream media that there is no “trouble in paradise,” but the constant quarantining has gotten to her. 

Imagine being like me: living in a one-bedroom hovel! I am not certain how something cannot be wrong when you want to be in another STATE in another MASSIVE MANSION, away from your loved one[s] in this time of disease and civil unrest. But, that’s me! 

I have “spared” Kanye of a number of rumors that I have heard from inside sources recently. It’s just not worth it. I have no true malice. 

Also, Kanye West has recently donated quite a lot of money to various causes. He’s giving to a number of Black Lives Matter organizations and related charities. The rapper-billionaire also have ensured that George Floyd’s 6-year-old daughter will go to college with a free ride. All of this was to the tune of about $2 million. Good for him!