Rick Ross’ Baby Mama Claims 50 Cent Is Stalking Her!


Photo via 50 Cent’s Instagram

One of Rick Ross’s baby mama’s, Shonti, claims that 50 Cent is stalking her and her neighbors. According to Shonti, 50 hired a private investigator to trail her and follow her around after she won her lawsuit. According to her, the PI is also harassing her neighbors after 50 already embarrassed her in front of the whole world. Shonti also claims associates of 50 Cent are trying to follow her on her social media pages. Shonti has been going in on 50 Cent ever since she won her case and he was ordered to hand over millions. She says 50 is still trying to wiggle his way out of this one. Knowing that 50 is the King of PETTY, we could totally see him having someone stalk Shonti.