Rick Ross’ Baby Mama Thinks His Engagement Is Fake


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Photo via Rick Ross’ Instagram

Rick Ross’ baby mama Tia Kemp has been going in on the rapper lately, and now she say’s she believes Ross’ engagement is fake. Kemp said she’s accepted that Rozay is no longer the same man that she fell for, but she still believes he should be there for their child. For the last few weeks, Kemp has been going on all kinds of rants and attacks against Ross, leading to him taking back the BMW he bought for her and their son. Kemp had much to say about the news of Ross’ engagement.

“It’s not even a joke anymore. Congratulations to her, she can have him. If she’s with a man who’s doing these types of things to his own son, his only son, and the mother of his son, what does that say about him as a man?”

Kemp said she doubt’s her son’s father’s engagement is the real deal.

“All that engagement s**t is just a fu****g facade to me. He’s phony. I know he loves attention. He does s**t for attention. He do this s**t with these hoes.”

Kemp said with Ross’ erratic behavior, he may not even make it down the aisle.

“He’s an attention hoe, and she better pray that her man is out (of jail) for the wedding.”