Rick Ross Isn’t Worried About His Walmart Ban


Photo via Rick Ross’ Instagram

Rick Ross’ album is out, but it’s not exactly readily available at one of the biggest retailers. Walmart has reportedly pulled Rick Ross’ new album Black Market off the shelves over a threatening line against presidential candidate Donald Trump. In his song “Free Enterprise” Ross raps,

“Assassinate Trump like he’s Zimmerman.”

Vlogger Mark Dice seems to take credit for having Ross’ album removed, as he believes it is an example of a terrorist threat. Dice tried to get Amazon and iTunes to agree with his claim also, but they are still selling the album. Rick Ross doesn’t seem the least bit bothered as he says,

“They say they banned us at Walmart, but they don’t know I live across the street from the n*gga who own target.”

Should Rozay be concerned about this ban?