Did Rick Ross Just Diss 50 Cent?


(AllHipHop Rumors) We aren’t one to start beef, but check this out. There is a new song by Rick Ross called “Buy The Block Back” and there seems to be a diss to his former adversary 50 Cent in there. Honestly, this is silly, but since its a slow day, lets entertain it. In the song, Rozay says, “I might buy me 10 Denny’s, I might buy Family Dollar Cut it to 50 cent, I got a job for your father I’m tryna help with the rent, I came up from the street My lil son, he a prince, it’s time that we represent.” To me it sounds like an empowering line with some slick talk. If it wasn’t Rick Ross saying it, I don’t think we would even think twice about it.