Rick Ross, Meek Mill, and a Leash, Oh My: IMPOSSIBLE Beef!

Are Rick Ross and Meek Mill engaged in a Beef? Could it be? Or, is this carefully constructed controversy merely a stealth promo tactic?

On Friday (Dec.10), Rick Ross is set to drop his latest studio album, Richer Than I Ever Been. As usual, Meek Mill, has been helping to promote the project. So, where’s the beef? The rock-solid journalists at MediaTakeout News allege that, “Meek and Ross have been beefing now for years.” It also purports, on his new album, Ross “disses” the Philly MC.

To bolster these claims, MTO News — which employs the utmost integrity standards — also insists, “Meek wants Ross to let him out of his contract, so that he can sign to Jay Z’s RocNation. But Ross is refusing to let Meek go, unless Meek pays him a HUGE fee.” Oh my, is this the Impossible Beef of which the hard-hitting news outlet speaks?

Perhaps, the Scooby Doo detectives at MTO are on to something. Meek’s Twitter has since disappeared. Someone grab, Shaggy–where did it go?

THEN, there’s also a photo. Its accompanying IG caption includes “Philly X Brooklyn Vibes.” Yes, sir. MTO‘s cunning deductive power decides this constitutes the Expensive Pain purveyor’s longing to join Roc Nation. Ruh-Roh!


In addition, MTO offers more uncontroverted evidence. It asserts that the Biggest Boss lyrically dismembers the “On My Soul” rapper. “Little Havana” contains the caustic lyrics.

“… N##### souls being sold and still on a leash / Roger Goodell boy, he in a corniche / I was really throwing money, I really saw Meech / And I let them rappin’ n##### get closer to Meek / It ain’t bottle made the most, but let’s make a toast / ‘Cause a lot of n##### told and kept it on the low…” – Rick Ross

In summation, MTO makes bold declarations. It alleges that a soulless, financially-strapped Meek Mill is big mad. Is he “on a leash,” tangled in a costly MMG contract? So, is this beef good? Or, is it purely impossible?