Rick Ross Talks More About Why He Warned Meek Mill About Nicki Minaj


(AllHipHip Rumors) Rick Ross has been on a press run for his new album, ‘Rather You Than Me’, and of course there is a lot that people want to know.

Ricky Rozay stopped by The Wendy Williams Show, and you know Wendy Williams got straight down to the questions that everyone wants to know.

Ross may make a good politician the way he was giving “politician” like answers by indirectly answering questions or failing to go into detail.

Wendy asked Ross did he in fact warn Meek Mill about Nicki Minaj, and if so, what was the warning. Ross dodged giving an honest, thorough or open answer question so many times, that I couldn’t do anything but laugh. Wendy asked Ross,

“Is it true that you warned Meek Mill about Nicki Minaj?”

Ross replied saying,

“Yes that’s a fact. Just that big brother love. It wasn’t nothing personal against Nicki. It could’ve been Keisha off the block. That was just me being a big brother. That was just my opinion; be careful. Sometimes you have to just let your little brother live. You can’t stop your little brother from living. You just give your advice and support them no matter what decision they make.”

Wendy kept trying to pry by asking Ross why would Nicki be bad for Meek. She even asked would Nicki be too controlling.

Uh uh Rozay! We want to know what your beef with Nicki is!

On a funnier note, fans said why didn’t Meek worn Rick Ross about Lira Galore (think back to her stripping picture with Meek, and her shooting her shot at everyone in MMG on Twitter over the years). What are your thoughts?